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Covers by Brand

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13th Floor

Aerial 6.5

Airboom 6.5

Audio Formz 6.5

Axis 6.5

Bazooka 6.5

Bazooka Tubbies 8"

Boss B-50

Boss B-60

Boss B-69

Boss B-70

Bullet 6.5

Bullet Component

Dbot Jet Pack 6.5

Dbot Jet Pack 8"

Deafcon 1

Deafcon 2

D.I.Y Wake 6.5

D.I.Y. Wake 8"

DNA Wake 6.5

Fusion 5.25

Fusion 6.5

H2O Wake

Krypt 6.5

Krypt 8

Lightning Audio 6.5

Liquid Audio Aluminum

Liquid Audio PVC Cans

Liquid Audio w/Tweeter

Liquid Trends X pod 6.5

Lucky Devil Designs 6.5

XTP 6.5

Phat Budde

Mako MB Quart

Memphis 6.5

Metcraft 6.5

Monster Barrel 6.5

MTX 6.5

Proflight Bombs 6.5

Raul's Cans 6.5

Roswell 6.5

Roswell R6/FCT

Samson 720

SeaSick Sidecar

SeaSick Uno 6.5

Skylon Rubicon 100

Skylon Rubicon 125

Skylon Rubicon 150

Tantrum Designs 6.5

Tantrum Designs Front/Back

Titan Alpha 1

Tsunami Wake 6.5

Wake Air 6.5

Wake Air 6x9

Wake Design Tubbies

Aerial Blunt Doubles

Air Nautique Dual

Boss B530/653

Bullet 8" Hollow Point

Bullet Combo

Deafcon 3

Deafcon IV

Evid 6.2

Exile XM7

Exile XM/9

Fusion T-Series

Infinity 6000/6100M

JL Audio 7.7 no tweeter

Kicker KMT 6

Klipsch S80/85

Lightning Dual

Liquid Audio Doubles

MasterCraft JL Audio

Monster Double Barrel

Roswell Airborne 7.0

Roswell Aquatone

Roswell Spin Vamp/Vamp Pro

Samson Double 7's

SeaSick Drama

SeaSick Midgets

Skylon Rubicon 200

Skylon Rubicon 250

Skylon Rubicon 325

Titan Alpha 2

Tsunami Wake Dual

Wake Designs Triple

Wet Sounds 410

Wet Sounds Icon

Wet Sounds Pro 485

Wet Sounds Pro60

Wet Sounds Pro80

Wet Sounds Rev 8

Wet Sounds Rev 10

Ariel Four Speaker/Light Combo

Deafcon V

HSE Trident

JL Audio 8.8

Liquid Audio 4 Speaker/Light Combo

Liquid Trends 6-6.5

Liquid Trends 4-6x9

Liquid Trends 6-6x9

Liquid Trends Straight Face

Mako 4 Speaker Combo

NVS Addiction

NVS Entity 1010

NVS Tyrant

Proflight Six Shooter

Roswell Four Speaker/Light Combo

Roswell R1

Roswell R1 Pro

Roswell Neptune 8.0

Skylon Rubicon 350

Skylon Rubicon 450

Wet Box

Wet Sounds Power 10/Rev 10 Pro

Too many covers to list, if you do not see your brand or model, just email us.
Our top notch design team is at your service.

SpeakerSox is the proud OEM for the following brands:

Speakersox girl holding custom can covers

Blue lightbar cover and speaker can combo set